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You are welcome to join “MULTIDIMENSIONAL ORGANIZATION/NEWS AGENCY – It is a National None Government organization (NGO) to promote Education Technique & Research in any field of Sciences, and all other fields of Science and subjects of research and knowledge.

The Research Society is a non-profit, professional organization for researchers, scientists and engineers. Established in 2017, Society is a member-driven organization of approximately 100 plus researchers from academia, industry and government.

Organizationmembers work in all areas of science research& Development, Organization provides a collaborative environment for idea exchange across all disciplines, through its meetings, publications and other programs designed to foster networking and cooperation.

The Organization mission is to promote mass communication for the advancement of interdisciplinary Science research to improve the quality of Education technique & Research.

Organization is governed by a Board of Directors which is composed of the Organization’s officers and Directors, the exact number determined by Board resolution. Directors are elected by the membership, however, may be appointed by the Board. OrganizationOfficers include a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and immediate past president

Organizationhosts meetings for its members and the community to network, exchange technical information, network, and contribute to the advancement of research. These meetings are held in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh INDIA that include professional development, government policies and funding opportunities, student activities, award talks and special events. Each of these meetings is attended by maximum researchers, engineers and scientist.

Organization, advocates for sustainable funding of science, provides forums for public-policy discussions, offers itself as a scientific resource for policymakers, and delivers timely information on emerging public policy issues, federal programs and other activities of importance to its members.